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    Ramjit Raghav world's oldest father has done it again, father of a child believes the secret to eternal youth is half a kilo of butter washed down with three litres of milk every day.

    And Ramjit Raghav must be doing something right. At the age of 94, he claims, he has just celebrated the birth of his first child.

    Mr Raghav, from Haryana in northern India, hailed the arrival of son Karamjit as ‘God’s gift’. It would make him the world’s oldest father.

    He and his wife Shakuntala Devi, believed to be in her late 40s, hope to go one further by trying for a second child next year.

    Ramjit Raghav, 94, poses for a picture outside his house with his two-month-old baby Vikramjeet in Haryana, India

    Mr Raghav, who was a wrestler in his youth, is confident that he will be around to see his little boy grow up, saying: ‘I will die only if a black snake bites me and that is very unlikely.

    ‘Visit me after ten years and you will find me in the same appearance.

    ‘My daily diet comprises three litres of milk, half a kilo of almonds and half a kilo of ghee [clarified butter].’

    But some doctors have questioned the validity of Mr Raghav’s claim.

    Dr Paramjeet Singh, chief medical officer at Kharkhoda Civil Hospital, where the baby was born in November, said: ‘Having babies at such an age is a remote possibility. It can’t be ruled out.’

    If it is true, Mr Raghav will beat current record holder Nanu Ram Jogi, an Indian farmer who fathered his 21st child at the age of 90 in 2007.

    Mr Raghav actually claims to be more than 100 years old, but pension records give his age as 94.

    Shankuntala Devi gave birth to the bouncing baby boy in a local hospital in the Kharkhoda village of Haryana, 70 kilometres north of Delhi

    Dr Singh added: 'It was a normal delivery and the baby is quite healthy and fine.'

    Shakuntala's age, alternately reported as 51, 52 and 54, makes for incredibly slim odds of ovulation and any viable eggs.

    Villager, Karan Singh, 39, was surprised to hear one of the elders had become a father last month.

    She said: 'At first I didn’t believe it but it is the god’s grace and most importantly Ramjit is quite healthy and hard-working.'

    He claims to be more than 100 years old, but according to the old-age pension records he is 94

Human Bot Fly Removal Pictures And Videos

    A botfly is a fly in the family Oestridae. It is one of several families of hairy flies whose larvae live as parasites within the bodies of mammals. There are approximately 150 known species worldwide.

    Dermatobia hominis, the human botfly, is the only species of botfly known to use humans as the host to its larvae.

    In cattle, the lesions caused by these flies can become infected by Mannheimia granulomatis, a bacterium that causes lechiguana, characterized by rapid growing, hard lumps beneath the skin of the animal. Without antibiotics an affected animal will die within 3–11 months.

    Certain type of Botflies can occasionally use humans as the host to its larvae. The larva, because of their spines, can pose an extremely painful sub-epidermal condition. Removal processes include placing raw meat on to the area, which in theory will coax the larva out.Another option is to use the tree sap of the matatorsalo, found in Costa Rica, which will kill the larva, yet leave its body in the skin. Additionally, one can attempt to seal the breathing hole of the larva with nail polish or vaseline and then, after a day, squeeze out the suffocated, dead larva. Use of adhesive tape can work, but carries additional risk of infection because portions of the larva's breathing tube can be broken off by the tape and made difficult to remove.

    youtube : Monster "Alien" Human Bot Fly Removal

1,999 Roses Made Of 99.99% Gold On Sale In Nanjing

    A customer looks at a heart-shaped pattern consisting of 1,999 golden roses made by foil of 99.99 percent gold at a gold store in Nanjing, capital of east China's Jiangsu Province, Dec. 15, 2010. The price of the golden rose is 299 RMB yuan (45 US dollars) per item.

Brazilian Woman Wakes Up In Her Coffin Hours Almost Buried Alive

    Brazilian grandmother almost buried alive on Christmas 'dies for the second time'

    First she died, then she didn’t. Now, sadly, she has, again.

    As 88-year-old Maria das Dores da Conceição’s body was being readied for burial, funeral parlour staff noticed her twitch.

    And though hospital doctors in Ipatinga, Brazil, signed her death certificate citing clogged arteries and hypertension, they have ashamedly admitted Mrs Conceicao was very much alive.

    But just a day after being rushed back to an intensive care ward, still in her coffin, she has died, again.

    Doctors gave her emergency treatment while still in her coffin at the same time as her funeral was due to be held on Christmas Day.

    Brazilian police are investigating the case to determine whether a medical error at the hospital led to Mrs Conceicao’s death.

    Her granddaughter Noeme Silva Amâncio, 31, who was among the first family members to greet her grandmother back to life told the Brazilian G1 site ‘when I got to the hospital ‘s first emergency aid entrance, I sighted grandma in her coffin,which was inside the funeral hearse.

    ‘She was breathing and moving about on one side of the coffin more than when she had been initially hospitalised.’

    The Mayor’s said police were investigating the case in order to clarify the details to the shocked family.

    They said Mrs Conceicao entered the hospital last Tuesday morning with a medical history of hypertension, blocked arteries and Alzheimer’s disease.

    She had been bedridden and brought the hospital complaining of pains.

    ‘Since Wednesday, 22 December, the patient did not present any signs of being alive and was declared officially dead at 16:50 and brought to the funeral parlour at 20:30.

    Her daughter Custodia Amancio said: ‘We are happy to know my mother is alive and unhappy with the lack of respect due her.We are still not sure if we will sue the municipality and hospital. ‘

    The hospital has not made an official statement on the case.

Noorsyaidah Claims Metal Wire Has Grown, From Her Body

    It's a currently big news in Indonesia. Metal wires about 10-20 cm long grow from a woman's body! Skeptics initially thought that is must be "self-inflicted". Doctors however, have other theories but have given up on providing any scientific or medical explanations.

    The woman had this problem for 17 years and currently being investigated by the Ministry of Health. Initial consultation with doctors and specialists found that the wires are also inside her body. At this stage, there were no current medical explanations or any case ever exist. Hence, there is but only one other possible consideration… Occult magic.

    Her name is NOORSYAIDAH. A 40 years old kindergarten teacher from Sangatta, East Kutai. Her first symptoms started manifestating in 1991. The metal wires grew out of her chest and her belly. There was no explanation then (or even now). During the first week wires kept falling off from her body and were gone. A month later, the wires grew back again and from that time onward the wires did not fall. They kept growing!

    One of her sisters said that she tried to help by trimming the wires. Alas, whenever she trimmed the wires, the wire retreated as if it were hiding and then popped up in another part of Noorsyaidah’s body.

    There have been 4 Medical Specialists taking this matter seriously and have treated her in several ways. And as the result, doctors can’t figure out what exactly is happening to her. The doctors have taken an X-Ray image from her stomach and found that there are more than 40 metal wires inside her and some of them are bursting out of her skin. They looks like a living phenomenon. The wires are able mobile and therefore can change location at will, Thus the doctors are forced to use a magnet to scan the exact position of the wires. The wires bursted out without any symptoms of Tetanus, but she said that they’re hurting her like when needles sting.

    Video : Noorsyaidah Wires Grow From Inside The Body

The Youngest Mother Gives Birth Ever in the world | Pregnant Girl

    Valentina Isaeva gave birth to a girl in Moscow, Russia. The child's father was sentenced conditionally for child abuse but was not jailed because he was willing to support Valentina and their daughter.

    This is the youngest Russian teenage mother. She got pregnant at the age of 11 and soon the child was born. Her boyfriend’s name is Habibula Patahonov he is from Tajikistan, who rented a room in a flat where Valentina was living with her grandmother. he was also very young when this happened, now he works as a construction worker. They are not married because in Russia you can’t marry at eleven. Habib visits his girlfriend and a kid on the regular basis and they think that they would marry as soon as it would be legally possible.

    On these photos she is already 14 and the child, the girl, is already 3 years old. There is a video too.

Masanobu Sato : World’s Longest Man Masturbation

    World’s Longest Man Masturbation –it's been a week since Mr.Masanobu Sato blew away his own masturbating world record at the 9th Annual Masturbate-a-thon, held by the Center for Sex & Culture last Saturday. This guy was a pro, bringing an arsenal of masturbating aids from the Japanese sex product company he works for.

    Last year he set the record with 9 hours and 33 minutes, but this time he held on til 9 hours and 58 minutes. He's now back in Japan and exhausted, but was nice enough to answer some of our questions about his victory by e-mail. Behold the master.

    The Snitch: What was the secret to you going for nearly 10 hours?

    Sato: "My abundant imagination was a key to my triumph firstly. Secondly, I trained a lot in Japan from the time I won the 1st prize last year. I swam twice a week, and gained about 5 kgs in muscle.That helped me a lot, too in terms of stamina. Thirdly, the variety of sensations each TENGA gave me was ideal for long masturbation. Without those variety sensations, my dick would feel the same sensation for a long time, which would paralyze my dick in the end. I use as many as 10 different TENGAs so that my dick avoids being paralyzed."

    Was there any point you felt you couldn't go on? How did you get through those moments?

    "Yes. Twice I felt I couldn't go on. I took great advantage of Japanese pornos as I prepared. Also I imagined many supporters in Japan including my girlfriend, family, co-workers etc...that I can't let them down."

    Were you exhausted afterward?

    "Definitely. I was so exhausted that I couldn't get up on time next day when I was supposed to go to airport to go back to Japan. Luckily, I didn't miss the flight though."
    Did you ever have an orgasm?

    "Yes. I've come once in a halfway round. I continued masturbating without taking any rest or becoming flaccid then."

    Could you have gone longer?

    "This time, that was my limit actually. I hope I can go over 10 hours or longer next time I challenge."

    You're now going to the world competition in Copenhagen? When is that?

    "I thought I would go to Copenhagen, but now I'm not sure about it as it's a bit too much to do marathon twice a month. I think it's a good idea to compete with the champions of other countries, like Copenhagen, London, Portland at San Francisco."

    What does your family think of this achievement? Are they aware you are the world masturbating champion?

    "Of course they know about the fact. They feel proud of me since last year's my victory, I think. They were really glad and happy to hear when I reported them I could defend championship and what's more I could blow away my own world record by 25 minutes. I'm very happy that my family understands me well. Ordinary families in Japan don't do so. I wonder how US families are like...."

Full Double Rainbow Photos And Video

    A Double Rainbow photographer Guy who has taken pictures real-life double rainbow lit up the Los Angeles area this evening -- all the way across the sky, according to witnesses.

    A Double rainbow is an optical and meteorological phenomenon that causes a spectrum of light to appear in the sky when the Sun shines on to droplets of moisture in the Earth's atmosphere. It takes the form of a multicoloured arc, with red on the outer part of the arc and violet on the inner section.

    A rainbow spans a continuous spectrum of colours; the distinct bands are an artifact of human colour vision. The most commonly cited and remembered sequence, in English, is Newton's sevenfold red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet (popularly memorized by mnemonics like Roy G. Biv). Rainbows can be caused by other forms of water than rain, including mist, spray, and dew.

    The Double Rainbow guy of Internet fame may soon have company on YouTube, as photos and videos of the sight are just beginning to surface.

    Here are Images of the phenomenon so far, thanks to Twitter. Share your own Double Rainbow photo or video and we'll include it below!

Fly Geyser

    Fly Geyser is a small geothermal geyser that is located approximately 20 miles (32 km) north of Gerlach, in Washoe County, Nevada. The Geyser is located in Hualapai Flat less than a mile from State Route 34. The Geyser is about 1/3 miles from the road and is large enough to be seen from the road.

    Fly Geyser is located on the private Fly Ranch and is accessible only by a small private dirt road. The ranch is currently owned by Todd Jaksick. There is a high fence and a locked gate with several metal spokes on the top to keep trespassers out, but despite the booby traps, many people still prefer to jump the fence to get a better look. Several organizations have tried to purchase the land for conservation, and make it open to the public, but have been denied.

    Fly Geyser is a very little known tourist attraction, even to Nevada residents. It is located right near the edge of Fly Reservoir and is only about 5 feet (1.5 m) high, (12 feet (3.7 m) if you count the mound on which it sits). The Geyser is not an entirely natural phenomenon, and was accidentally created in 1916 during the drilling of a well. The well functioned normally for several decades, but then in the 1960s geothermally heated water found a weak spot in the wall and began escaping to the surface. Dissolved minerals started rising and piling up, creating the mount on which the geyser sits, which is still growing to date. Today, water is constantly squirting out reaching 5 feet (1.5 m) in the air. The geyser contains several terraces discharging water into 30 to 40 pools over an area of 30 hectares (74 acres). The geyser is made up of a series of different minerals, including sulfur dioxide, which gives it its magnificent coloration.

    There are two additional geysers in the area that were created in a similar way as Fly Geyser. The first geyser is approximately 3 feet high and is shaped like a miniature volcano. The second geyser is cone shaped and is of the same approximate size as Fly Geyser. Like Fly Geyser, these geysers are continually growing.

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